Online Bento Sprees

Sometimes I think bento making is just an excuse for women to find more channels to satisfy our shopping need.  😛  Afterall, most bento-makers are probably in our 30s, and have probably seen enough for clothings, accessories, bags, and what have you.  Buying bento tools is a totally new ‘territory’ for we women (and some men).  And probably helps satisfy some childhood needs that wasn’t satisfied 😛

Hai ya, after one whole paragraph of talk talk talk, let’s get back to the theme in this post 😛  New bento tools!!!! puahhaha…. 😛

So what did I buy this time?

Barans and Picks!!!

I saw those lettuce from a fellow bento pal and totally love it!  My children don’t eat the lettuce that I used to put into the boxes.  😦  So laying my hands on this will certainly saves some bento running cost 😛

Bento Tools - Barans and Picks

Bento Tools - Barans and Picks

Missed out these pics when I took pictures of the above. 🙂

More Picks

More Picks

Stainless Steel Lunchbags

Those pretty and colorful lunchboxes are simply attractive. But but but…. as of now, most of them are not BPA-free :(.  Most BPA-free products like Lock and Locks are not very pretty at all. 😦

These stainless steel boxes that I found by accident in a local shops seem to satisfy both problems 😀  I subsequently found that online and started bringing them in myself 😉

Ain’t they cute?  Wanna guess which of is mine?

Pretty and Cute Stainless Steel Lunchboxes

Pretty and Cute Stainless Steel Lunchboxes

The answer is – Rilakkuma Stainless Steel Lunchboxes for my daughter  (thought I really like the Paul Frank box too.  Large enough for son.  Well, let’s see how long can I withstand the temptation.)

Rilakkuma Stainless Steel Lunchbox

Rilakkuma Stainless Steel Lunchbox




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2 responses to “Online Bento Sprees

  1. Blessedpotato

    Hi, I’m new to your blog and I really love the bentos u make ! 🙂
    Just wanna ask: where can I buy the stainless steel lunch or bento boxes?
    Is there a bento accessories spree that I can join?

    • ezmum

      Hi Blessedpotato,

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog 😀

      I bought from gmarket Korea. Although gmarket sg has it, it’s very limited choices.
      only problem with korean site is, must know how to read in Korean.
      Hmmm, you can email me at
      I will update you when I’m buying from there. quarterly, I organise a spree among friends to buy these.
      But are you from Singapore?

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