My Preferred Dry Pasta

Daughter is not well, neither am I.  Did a very quick Korean Glass Noodle with miso soup for son.

Since no bento to write about, what about write something I like?  Pasta!!!

My kiddos and I enjoy pasta a lot.  Pesto, creamy, tomato based, baked, fried, etc.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good pasta brand that I really like.  Note the “couldn’t”?  The past tense?  Well, until NTUC had a promotion for “alce nero” pasta and I love it!!!!

I don’t like pastas that end up being too soft.  To me, it’s like no texture and no character.  “alce nero’s” pasta, especially their fusilli is simply great!!   After cooking, they are not too soft that simply melt in the mouth, but they have a somewhat chewiness in it.  Hmmm, with my limited vocabulary, I call it “texture”?

Here, this is the one:

"alce nero" - My preferred pasta

"alce nero" - My preferred pasta

Oh, the beauty of it all, it’s also organic!!! 🙂

Only draw back is, it takes longer to cook.  Though the packing said 8mins, I’m pretty sure it’s longer.


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