Bento184 – Take Care Bear Bento

With 1 child officially down with HFMD, another starting to develop, and me having styessss plus ulcersssss, situation at home is not exactly upbeat.  For hygiene purpose, bento making for others is DEFINITELY out.

But but but, bento making can be therapeutic for a stressful, no appetite time like these!!!  So, I make one for myself!!! 😀

Take Cara Bear sending all his love for us 😀

Take Care Bear Bento

Take Care Bear Bento

For the first time, I tried these powder for my rice.  Hmmm, actually they do spice up the rice 😛  My rice did taste yummy 😛  But of course, I’m not recommending this.  Maybe once in a blue blue moon.  Credit is, despite my moodiness, I did eat well.  😉

Daiso Rice Coloring Powder

Daiso Rice Coloring Powder


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