Bento 194 Happy Birthday Bento

Happy Birthday Bento for son

I want to make a Happy Birthday Bento for son!!!  But his birthday will only be on this coming Sunday.  Haiya, nevermind la, made today 😉  He didn’t know about my plan.  By now, he would have had his recess, hopefully he had a pleasant surprise 🙂  Hand color and face color off 😛

Food on the right is one of his favorite : Hotplate Coin Tofu 🙂

Happy 10th Birthday Son!

Happy 10th Birthday Son!

Birthday Bento

Birthday Bento

Simple Maki Bento for gal

No more time to make anything special for gal.

The bottom makis look like Tuna Maki right?!?!  Kee kee kee, actually they are Taiwanese sausage 😛 Thought I have better mention it here, in case my reader think that it’s ok to pack raw food.


Simple Maki Bento

Simple Maki Bento


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