Bento 201 – Squarish Angry Bird Bento

Ok, with 200 bentos behind my back, I now have to start recycling ideas 😛

Frankly, though I’m probably good at copying and making, I’m not someone creative.  😛  So I really can’t come out with all those super creative bentos that some bento’ers do.  But hopefully, my simpler bento means they are easier to recreate for anyone 🙂

Bread was bought from Ikea!  I personally like it, so does my daughter. But not son. Haiz. So hard to get something that all 3 of us like.

The red was sprayed using edible coloring mist.  Can see how does the mist look like in the Little Twin Star Bento I did.

Initially wanted to shape it, but decided to keep it squarish, no wastage 🙂  So for my future bentos, readers should be seeing quite a lot of squarish characters. 😉

The left eye wasn’t done properly. 😛 Just one piece of bread, cause I want girl to have a variety of other food. If I give her 2 slices, she won’t have space for others.

Squarish Angry Bird Bento

Squarish Angry Bird Bento


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