Bento Book Review : akinoichigo 2010 and 2012

It’s school holidays here in this part of the world!!  So not been doing bento.  I do miss bento-making, but have no time.  But I also don’t want my blog to be so quiet.  So here’s something I hope will be helpful for my readers : bento book review.

Here are the two books by Akinoichigo that I’m going to write about 🙂

akinoichigo 2010 and 2012

akinoichigo 2010 and 2012

My sister in law bought for me the left hand side 2010 book.  After looking through it, I love it so much that I bought to 2012 version from Kinokuniya.

I will just share about the similarities between both books.

Both shows

  • templates for the characters
  • both contain basic tools (2010’s version is more comprehensive)
  • recipes.    Good for Japanese readers. For non readers like me, hmmmm….
akinoichigo templates 2010 2012

akinoichigo templates 2010 2012

akinoichigo 2010

Besides the templates and basic tools, the 2010 edition contains:

  • Bento basics instructions like bread balls, rice balls, etc
  • Instructions for coloring food

Pictorial instructions are very detailed, certainly helpful for non-Japanese readers.

The 2010 version is very good for the characters lovers.  Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Thomas, Spongebox Square Pants are all here 🙂

Readers will also find the breadballs, rice balls and coloring instructions useful, especially for newbies.

Basic Bento Instructions, bread ball in this page

Basic Bento Instructions, bread ball in this page

akinoichigo 2012

The 2012 version focused a lot on generic characters, like animals, flowers, cute boys and girls, vehicles (good for boy’s theme bentos, which is lacking in 2010).

There are many many many detailed pictorial steps included.  This is certainly the reason why I really love this edition.  I highly suspect she wrote the book with non Japanese readers in mind 🙂

Very detailed pictorial instructions

Very detailed pictorial instructions

She also shows how to fill up a lunchbox. I know this sound so basic, but I know there are people who need help in this area.

Filling up of lunchbox

Filling up of lunchbox

What I really love about the books

For recipes seekers, these are certainly not suitable, especially when they are all in Japanese.

But I really love the instructions, templates and ideas.  Pictorial instructions are very very clear and detailed.  2010 versions focused more on the famous characters like Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma.  2012 focused more on generic ones.  I like them both.

If I really have to choose, and there is only budget for 1 book, I recommend the 2012 version.


My sister in law bought the 2010 from Japan at about 880 Yen, while I bought the 2012 version in Singapore’s Kinokuniya at S$22.00



Why I minus the 1?  If only there are translated English version.  😛

Hope this helps.

Next review to look out for…

A book and a bento tool 🙂



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