Bento 212 – Church Serving Day Bento

I started serving in my church taking care of babies 9 to 14 months.  With the location, it’s difficult to get lunch for my kids, I have no choice but to prepare bento for them on weeks when I serve.

I simply love the Kokeshi boxes which really came handy, especially the soup bowl. I made miso soup and put into my Zojirushi thermal food jar.  During lunch, my kids pour the soup into the Kokeshi box’s bowl, allowed the soup to cool and were able to enjoy hot soup in church, especially after being there for hours, it can be very cold there.  The portion is just right for daughter. The rice was at the bottom layer.  Good that the box is too small for son, else I be so tempted to get for son too.  Son’s church friend was drooling over their lunch :P, but son gladly shared his portion with his friend.  So proud of him 🙂

Eh, noticed new box? 😛 Couldn’t resist the Lego long lunch box 😛

I’m actually glad that I can still get my fingers busy with bento making during the holidays.  However, once term starts, will be tough on Sundays when I have to wake up early too. 😦  God’s strength be with me 🙂

Church Service Day Bento

Church Service Day Bento

Next post, look out for a interesting bread cutter review! 😀 😉


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