Bento Tool Review – Lunch Punch Cutters

Seen this before?

Lunch Punch Match and Munch

Lunch Punch Match and Munch

I have always wanted to own Lunch Punch Puzzle set (the official name is Lunch Punch Match & Munch), totally glad to be blessed with a set to “play with”. 😛  Actually, it wasn’t me who was playing with it, but my daughter.

My daughter  first used the edible marker to draw on the bread, followed by cutting the bread into the various ‘puzzle pieces’ using the cutter.  According to the seller, one trick for the cutter is to use it on a flat surface, press down, twist and turn just a little, to cut through bread.

Daughter drew and cut

Daughter drew and cut

My daughter then had fun fixing her own puzzle pieces together 😀  She drew and made the rabbit one, while I made the other puzzle.

Had fun fixing the "puzzle pieces" together

Had fun fixing the “puzzle pieces” together

Bread Puzzles!

Bread Puzzles!

And of course, the best part is to eat them 😛 (oops, the pieces were upside down :P)

Daughter enjoyed munching the puzzle pieces :P

Daughter enjoyed munching the puzzle pieces 😛

More complicated puzzle designs can be done using the other 2 cutters, with instructions that is easily available on simplethots’ website..

4 x 4 puzzle bread

4 x 4 puzzle bread

What I love about the Lunch Punch Match and Munch

It’s BPA free.  My main issue with most bento tools is that they are not BPA free.  It was a pleasant surprise to read from the local supplier’s website that they are BPA free!

Another wonderful thing about these cutters is that they make the plain sandwich making really fun and interesting.  Provides great bonding time between the children and parents, especially if your child has an artistic flair, drawing on a ‘bread canvas sheet’ will certainly entice them to eat more 😉

There are also other designs available.  Check them out at simple thots !!!

Good news!  It’s the Great Singapore Sale!!!!

I was just been told that there is a promotion for these cutters!!! Woo hoo!!!!  Check out the Singapore promotion here:

Lunch Punch Great Singapore Sale Promotion at ToTT

The not so good side

For bringing to school, I wonder if my daughter will have the time to eat and fix the puzzle 😛  Oh well, probably not for packing to school.  Great for a relaxing picnic at the park, or just bonding time at home.

The size of the cutter is also slightly smaller than a normal slice of bread, which will gives breadcrumbs. This is especially so when making the bigger 4 x 4 puzzle.

The size of the cutter compared to Sunshine bread

The size of the cutter compared to Sunshine bread

However, such problem is not new to bento-making and can be overcome by using the breadcrumbs to make other yummy food.  Eg, some bento’ers use the sides to make garlic/furikake breadsticks, while others make bread pudding.  Bakeries are also selling bread loaves that are of smaller sizes, so this may not be a big issue. 🙂

Happy Puzzling 🙂



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2 responses to “Bento Tool Review – Lunch Punch Cutters

  1. Awww, envious! I’ve always loved these cutters, but decided that it’s not high on my priority list of must-get bento tools d:)

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