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New Look!!!

Ya, don’t be shock!!! This is still “Bento With Love”, but I’m experimenting with a few different new looks 😛  Still not really decided what will be good.  So for now, please bear with the constant change 😛

For now, the changes include:

(1) Short-cuts to some Bento making instructions, which is just beside “About”.

(2) Short-cuts to Recipes, which is just beside “Bento Instructions”

(3) All the Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other following links are on the right hand side.

(4) The rest on the left hand side.

Hopefully all these changes will make navigating around the blog easier 🙂

Have a good Sunday!!!


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Find me in Facebook !!!!

YES! I have finally gotten it set up and posted all the links in FB.

Can see that all familiar Facebook “Like” button on the right hand side of my blog?


Join me there okie 😉 🙂   See ya!!!!

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