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Bento #45 : David the shephard boy and his sheep

Buns with sheep and David.

This post came a little late today.  I have been busy helping out in my daughter’s school these 2 days, and was too rush for me to upload the pics in the morning.  Anyway, here we go.

Sheep’s ‘fur’ done using Kamaboko.

Every morning, my son goes to school first.  So I normally do his bento first.  And here it is, the disaster boy, body too small, and arms too big.

Son's version, boy's body too small, arms too big :P

Son's version, boy's body too small, arms too big 😛

So by the time I do my gal’s bento, the improvements show 😉 😛  Here it is: body and arms more balanced 😛

After doing son’s, I also learned to put all the other decoration first, like the berries, mellows, picks, etc, than do the sheep and the boy.  This way, I won’t risk messing up the key ones while decorating the sides. 🙂



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