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I’m back!!!

I just checked my last entry date, I disappeared for exactly 8 months!!!

For the second half of last year, I was still bento’ing, but partly I was busy, partly I wasn’t that inspired to do anything fanciful.

Ever since the school term started this year, I have been doing, just that been busy and haven’t updated the blog much.  I will probably do batch updating.

For today’s post, I uploaded that I made this year.  Nothing much fanciful, but they are simple and not difficult to complete on the wee early school day morning.  Some of them, especially the rice bentos, were actually lunches that I made and brought to school for my children.  For those, I had more time to do. 🙂

Bao Bao Girl Bento:


Caterpillar Bento


Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Bento


Simply in the Park Bento


B.A.P Bento (B.A.P is a Korean Pop Group)


Three Little Pigs Bento


Domo Bento


Frog Bento


Panda Bento


Woof Woof Bento


Biggy Bao Bento




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Bento 179 Simple Brother and Sister Bears

Brother and Sister Bear Bento

Ever since we bought the new Rilakkuma bento boxes that comes with bag, I have been doing bentos related to bears 😛

Another one again 😛  Today’s are sandwich balls made using rice molds.

Brother and Sister Bear Bento

Brother and Sister Bear Bento

Message on a sandwich

For the brother, it’s one of his usual, cold noodle.

He was feeling kind of stressed about the tests in this coming week, didn’t do much to his bento.  But wrote a simple “I love you” message on his breakfast sandwich 🙂

Wonders of edible markers 😉

Message on a sandwich

Message on a sandwich

Like my new Rilakkuma condiment container? 😛

Cold Noodle Bento

Cold Noodle Bento


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Bento 161 King and Queen Cats Bento, and Herbie Wannabe Bento

Herbie Wannabe Bento

My son likes anything car car car…. Besides Formula 1, Herbie is another one that he loves. Very cute old movie 🙂  Can see the “53” on that red car?  I must do another herbie bento that is more obvious.

Food : As seen in pic 😛 (so lazy right ;P)

Herbie Wannabe Bento

Herbie Wannabe Bento


King and Queen Cats Bento

The King decide to go to the city to walk walk, so decided to wear a hat instead.  Actually the truth is, I can’t find my blue crown pick!!! boo hoo hoo hoo!!!! So sad!!!  I love these picks and they are out of production 😦  every single one is precious.

King and Queen Cats Bento

King and Queen Cats Bento

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Bento 153 Basketball Boy Bento again and Maki Bento

Basketball Boy Bento for son

Long day = full meal for recess.  Another basketball bento, but in different form.  Realised ball bigger than boy’s head!!! 😛 oops

I was just thinking this morning that maybe if I include a how I manage to do all these in the morning will help any potential bento maker learn.  So when I have time, I will include that at the bottom of the post.

The box’s cover is the sink in type, think everything were a little squeezed up 😛

Food : Sweet and Sour Pork, Soy Sauce and Sesame Xiao Bai Cai, rice shaped as basketball and boy, plus mini pack of chilled milo

Basketball Boy Bento

Basketball Boy Bento

Simple Maki Bento for daughter

Usually on days when I have to pack full meal for son, I will have less time to do up my daughter’s box.  So it’s just a simple maki box with no decoration for her.  🙂

Bought an organic Japanese cucumber, but it’s rotten inside 😦  So sad, wasted my money.  Thank goodness I have another non-organic one in the fridge.

Food : Cucumber and crabstick maki, fruits and she was happy to see the Popper Juice treat

Simple Maki Bento

Simple Maki Bento

My bento morning today:

Ok, for those interested, this is how the Basketball Boy Bento was done.

Night before, around 9pm

  • The sweet and sour sauce was prepared, and put into fridge when done.
  • The pork was pre-fried too.
  • Rice cooked and left in the rice cooker (which is my thermal cooker)
  • Fruits and lettuce washed.
  • Box to be used taken out
  • Seaweed for boy’s hair cut.  I didn’t cut the basketball’s seaweed since I wasn’t too sure how big will the ball be.

In the morning from 5.15am

  • Fill up and boil water for kids’ milo
  • Steamer started to  heat up the rice
  • Put fried pork into sweet and sour sauce and heat up

By 5.30am

  • Make milo.
  • All the above done, next was to make the vegetable and crabsticks.
  • Scooped enough rice and shape into basketball and boy’s face.  Basketball color was achieve using the sweet and sour sauce.
  • Decorate with seaweed.  Put into the box.

By 5.45am

  • Wake son up and prepare his crepe for breakfast.
  • Put the pork and vegetable into the box.  Sprinkle sesame seed.

By 6am

  • All done. Take photo. 😛
  • Wake up daughter, prepare her breakfast, her bento, and start the rest of our morning 🙂

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Bento 151 Basketball Boy Bento and Strange Monster Bento

I think I have been neglecting son’s box and didn’t give much deco to his.  So last night, die die wanted to think of something.  Today’s theme came to mind cause he started the basketball CCA and had been enjoying it. 🙂

His “I’m so pleased” kind of smile upon seeing the bento made the effort all worth it.  🙂

Basketball Boy Bento

Food : Frozen Prata, fruits, Rocher

Basketball Boy Bento

Basketball Boy Bento

Strange Monster Bento

The bread is a Pandan and Choc Mix from Crystal Jade Bread again, and since it has a strange color, I actually planned to make a monster face.  But but but… my brain wasn’t thinking 😛  It turned out to prim and proper to be monster 😛

Food : Nutella Bread Ball, corn, Rocher, and fruits

Monster Bento

Monster Bento

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Bento 150 Valentine Chicks Bento and Carbonara Bento

Chicky chicks are here to wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

With yellow-colored bread, it just dawned upon me to make chicks.  By the way, the bread is carrot bread from Crystal Jade Bread. 🙂  Pretty yummy actually.  The carrot taste is not distinct at all.

Oh, good news is that, after sneaking in cucumbers into the makis, my gal now like cucumbers!!! Woo hoo!!!!  Something good out of bento making 🙂

Valentine Chicks Bento for her

Food : Sandwiches, cucumbers and berries.

Valentine's Day Chicks Bento

Valentine's Day Chicks Bento

Close up of Chicks

Close up of Chicks

Carbonara Bento for him

Jamie Oliver’s Carbonara in the food jar.  But I made some changes to his recipes.  Kids don’t like peas, so I changed them to carrots/corns.  Cream is not easily accessible in my estate, as such, I use Campbell’s Chicken Cream instead.   Welcomed changes since kids find it not sooooo creamy.

Food : Carbonara, cashew nuts and berries.

Carbonara bento (inside the flask :P)

Carbonara bento (inside the flask :P)

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Bento 142 : Party Dog Bento and Car Road Trip Bento

Party Dog Bento for her

I originally named this bento Dog in the Circus Bento, but when daughter saw it, her first words were “Party Dog”!!!  Ok, so it is a Party Dog Bento 🙂

Food : Hotdog buns, berries and Rocher for treat.

Party Dog Bento

Party Dog Bento

Car Road Trip Bento for him

Haiya, can’t see the car properly.  Should have checked after taking picture 😦

Son is so used to me planning the menu, but I’m so tired of thinking 😛  So here’s his request.

Food : Mian Xian Soup with greens (Soup in the Zojirushi thermal food jar), grapes (not in picture)

Car Road Trip Bento

Car Road Trip Bento

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