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Bento #29: Star Wars Bento :P (C3PO and R2D2)

Can tell what are those 2 or not??? 😛

My son took a while. 😛  Was trying to make a Star Wars theme Bento 😛 Easiest was C3PO & R2D2.

Anyway, it’s local waffle underneath.

Bento #29: Star Wars Bento


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Bento #28: The Saints’ Bento

My daughter been pestering me to make a bento that looks like her in school uniform, so here it is.

Egg sandwich in hotdog bread, black and white dessert (nata de coco and Ching Chow), plus fruits.
This is not done as well as I want. Will probably give it another try.
Look a little like my daughter right? 😛

The Saints' Bento - St Margaret's Version


The Saints' Bento - St Andrew's Version

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Bento #19: Hello Kitty Bento and #20 Formula 1 Bento

Unagi Rice & Strawberries. The unagi is below the rice.

It’s plain today 😦

Hello Kitty Bento for her

Hello Kitty Bento

Formula 1 Bento for him (even more plain.)

Formula 1 Bento

Sorry son :(.

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