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My Preferred Dry Pasta

Daughter is not well, neither am I.  Did a very quick Korean Glass Noodle with miso soup for son.

Since no bento to write about, what about write something I like?  Pasta!!!

My kiddos and I enjoy pasta a lot.  Pesto, creamy, tomato based, baked, fried, etc.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good pasta brand that I really like.  Note the “couldn’t”?  The past tense?  Well, until NTUC had a promotion for “alce nero” pasta and I love it!!!!

I don’t like pastas that end up being too soft.  To me, it’s like no texture and no character.  “alce nero’s” pasta, especially their fusilli is simply great!!   After cooking, they are not too soft that simply melt in the mouth, but they have a somewhat chewiness in it.  Hmmm, with my limited vocabulary, I call it “texture”?

Here, this is the one:

"alce nero" - My preferred pasta

"alce nero" - My preferred pasta

Oh, the beauty of it all, it’s also organic!!! 🙂

Only draw back is, it takes longer to cook.  Though the packing said 8mins, I’m pretty sure it’s longer.


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For Coloring Rice! (From Daiso)

It’s Saturday, kids’ swimming class, me giving tuition, visit in-laws for dinner, followed by mahjong :P… super tired!! But at least the mahjong was fun!!! 😛  (play play only, we don’t play big :P)

Ok, back to the post. I found this from Daiso!!!  For coloring rice!  Can’t wait to try them.  Or has anyone tried?

For Coloring Rice (from Daiso)

For Coloring Rice (from Daiso)

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Kamaboko – that pink thing

So what’s that bright pink stuff that I used for some of my bentos like the My Melody Bento?

It’s actually this:



Kamaboko, aka, Japanese fishcake.

Where to buy in Singapore?

I got this kamaboko from NTUC, at their freezer sections.  NTUC Extra and Finest usually carry this.  But for other normal outlets, I think depends on the demand.It is sold at slightly under S$ 2.00.

I have also seen another brand sold in Cold Storage, but a lot more expensive.  Hmmm, either S$4+ or S$7+.  But I have no idea what are the differences.  Maybe I should buy the Cold Storage ones and try.  But so expensive!!! 😦

Such big block of kamabokp, how to finish? 

PRECISELY!  Which is why I normally allow the kamaboko to just defrost a little bit, and I will cut it into 3 chunks.  Usually by the time it reaches home from the supermarket, it is ready to be cut.  I will then store each chunk separately in the freezer, but put the one I want to use in the fridge.

After it is defrosted, I will boil it in water for a few minutes.  Followed by cutting the pink portion off, use whatever I need, and keep the rest back into the fridge, and try to finish within a week.  Both the white and pink portions can be used, as seen in this bento.

And what happen to the balance at the end of the school week?  Just add to soup/vegetable dishes.

Hope this entry helps.  🙂

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