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My Bento Making’s 1 Year Anniversary

Has it been a year?!?!?  I have never imagined lasting this long.   It was the 8th of April when I started to attempt making my kiddos’ lunchboxes look better.  Want to know how my first attempt to make prettier looking bento look like?  Actually, I still make such ugly and simple looking box 😛  Hands not fast enough in the morning. 😛

Anyway, here:  MY FIRST BENTO!!!

My first 'official' bento

My first 'official' bento

I have learnt a lot since then.  First thing learnt after posting this pic on my facebook was : don’t mix crispy food like the fruit loops with moist food.  I’m really thankful to my friends and the bento making community for constantly teaching me directly or indirectly the art and trick of making bentos not just better looking, but also healthier and tastier.  🙂

I was looking through all my bento picture yesterday.  Hmmm, kind of nice to see the changes in the style.  Still a long way and still a lot to learn from all the experts out there 🙂

3 cheers to bento-making!!!! Woo hoo!!!!


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