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Bento Tools Indulgence

Christmas comes early for me 😛  Lots of new bento tools, expensive bento boxes that even I’m surprised that I bought, plus cool kitchen gadget, all arrived at my home at the bestest time ever.  Well, things at home weren’t that smooth, and I really needed something to cheer me up a little. Which was why all my purchases really chose the right timing to arrive 🙂

My purchases came from 2 sources, good old CK Tang (I have voucher :P) and Bento and Co.  Top with some stuffs I asked my sister in law to help me get from her Japan trip.  Weeeeeeee, I’m a happy gal! 😀

Here’s a picture of all the stuffs.  But the food processor and the bento book are so cool that I will dedicate a special post for them.  The Kokeshi Box and the Kimono Murasaki Bento box are two indulgence.  I was probably possessed when I click the “Add to cart” button.  Though pretty, I’m a little regretful that I bought them.

Haiz, to comfort myself, treat these as my birthday present then.





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